Rihanna Roc Me Out Lyrics

Roc Me Out by Rihanna can be one of your loved music. For some teenager, listening a music is one of curing recipe. Singing some positive melody also can calm your brain and refresh your body. For teenager, music is their vision.

Not only listening the music but you may play “Roc Me Out by Rihanna” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to know its song lyric.

Looking for Rihanna lyrics for song Roc Me Out? If yes, you’ve come to the best site.

Roc Me Out by Rihanna Song Lyric

This is for your eyes only
Move over boy, I’m so ready
You know how to make me feel
Roc me out more and more
Roc me out on the floor… I’ve been a bad girl daddy


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