Queen Flash (flash’s Theme) Lyrics

Flash (flash’s Theme) by Queen can be one of the perfect music you liked. For many people, enjoying a refrain is one of curing practice. Singing some good music also can serenity your brain and ease your body. For young people, music is their spark.

Not only enjoying the music but you may sing “Flash (flash’s Theme) by Queen” by yourself. But, before that, you need to remember its song lyric.

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Flash (flash’s Theme) by Queen Song Lyric

Words and music by Brian May

Flash – Ah – Saviour of the universe

Flash – Ah – He’ll save ev’ry one of us

Seemingly there is no reason for these

Extraordinary intergalactical upsets (ha ha ha)

What’s happening Flash?

Only Dr Hans Zarkov formerly at N A S A

Has provided any explanation

Flash – Ah – He’s a miracle

This mornings unprecedented solar eclipse

Is no cause for alarm

Flash – Ah – King of the impossible

He’s for ev’ry one of us

Stand for ev’ry one of us

He’ll save with a mighty hand

Ev’ry man ev’ry woman ev’ry child

With a mighty Flash

General Kaka Flash Gordon approaching

What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching?

Open fire all weapons

Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body

Flash – Ah

Gordon’s alive

Flash – Ah – He’ll save ev’ry one of us

Just a man with a man’s courage

He knows nothing but a man

But he can never fail

No one but the pure in heart

May find the golden grail oh oh oh oh

Flash Flash I love you

But we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth



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