Gigi 1999 Menangis Lyrics

1999 Menangis by Gigi can be one of your favourite song. For many teenager, hearing a song is one of healing recipe. Playing some great music also can serenity your brain and ease your body. For young people, music is their influence.

Not only hearing the music but you may sing “1999 Menangis by Gigi” by yourself. But, before that, you need to remember its song lyric.

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1999 Menangis by Gigi Song Lyric

Marah sana marah sini
Ribut sini ribut sana
Akhirnya jadi berantakan
Pukul sana pukul sini
Salah sini salah sana
Akhirnya jadi banyak korban

Debat sana debat sini
Tunjuk sini tunjuk sana
Semua merasakan naif

Rusuh sana rusuh sini
Hancur sini hancur sana
Semuanya jadi bencana

Hati bertanya
Ini? apa?
Dan bertanya

Lari sana lari sini
Ikut sini ikut sana
Akhirnya jadi

Tembak sana tembak sini
Mati sini mati sana
Semuanya jadi makanan

Hati bertanya
Ini? apa?
Dan bertanya

Chorus 2x:
Dimanakah duniaku
Yang dulu berseri
Dimanakah anganku
Yang dulu ku impikan
Mungkinkah ini semua
Akan berakhir
Dari muka bumiku
Yang menangis


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